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Kathryn Porter
Member since 03/2012
Kathryn Porter is the author of Too Much Stuff: De-cluttering Your Heart and Home (Beacon Hill, 2006). She is a frequent guest of TV and radio shows across the country. A home educator of child with Autism, she offers workshops on special needs awareness and de-cluttering. She received her Master's degree in Special Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

My Mission Statement

To equip parents with practical strategies and creative solutions for homeschooling and home management challenges.



Past Engagements/Seminars

"Special Needs Organizing" Colorado Springs, CO - 9/2011

"The Simplified Home: Lessons in De-cluttering for Homeschoolers" Denver, CO - 6/2011

"Exceptional Homeschooling: You are Your Kids Advocate" Denver, CO - 6/2011

"Amazing Grace for the Exceptional Parent" Colorado Springs, CO - 5/2011


Exceptional Homeschooling: You are Your Child's Advocate

The decision to homeschool your child with special needs involves more than finding the right curriculum for your child’s learning style. It means being a strong advocate for your child as you face challenges from friends, family, and even the homeschool community. Be encouraged on why you are your child’s best teacher—even if you don’t have a degree in special education. Find support in others who share your walk and know that another time-out won’t cure your child’s disability. Arm yourself with information that will help you be your child’s best advocate. Here, you will learn the following: • Seven ways to speak up for your child’s needs at homeschool co-ops, classes, and events to ensure an inclusive environment with necessary modifications • Seven creative options for homeschoolers who need occupational therapy, speech therapy, or other services • Five places to find support in your conviction to educate your child with special needs at home. • Ten positive responses for homeschooling naysayers who are more challenging than your child • And much, much more!

Sensory Smart Homeschooling

Is your child extra sensitive to light, sound, or touch? Does your child exhibit meltdowns after being in crowded places for extend periods of time? Does your child require more from you than other children require from their parents? Then this class is for you! Learn how to make home education more fun with less work. You will leave with a better understanding of how sensory processing affects your child’s ability to learn along with a toolbox full of strategies for setting your child up for success.

Teaching the Hidden Curriculum

What do you do when you’re a homeschooling parent whose child lacks social skills because of a diagnosed disability? For this child, a home education is far superior to that offered in public schools where children are expected to learn social behavior from their peers by osmosis. This workshop will instruct parents on how to help their children navigate the social world from a Bible-based perspective. Learn tips and tricks for teaching your child how to interpret non-verbal cues, understand idioms, and determine appropriate communication boundaries.

The Simplified Home: Lessons in De-cluttering for Home Educators

Maintaining a presentable home can be a challenge for all of us, but can be even more of a struggle when throwing homeschool into the mix. Come learn the secrets to simplifying your life so you can keep a clean house (and your sanity) while educating your challenging child at home. Discover de-cluttering strategies every homeschooling parent needs to know along with tips to get your child to help with the house work.


Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter

This re-titled second edition of Too Much Stuff includes the following updates: -New chapter format to align with a semester small group study schedule -Back of book study for small groups -New content on hoarding -Expanded chapter with more information on how to simplify, de-clutter, and organize your home ***Scheduled release date is Spring of 2012

Beacon Hill 2011

Too Much Stuff: De-cluttering Your Heart and Home

We love stuff. Clothes. Shoes. Make-up. Jewelry. Books. Pictures. Movies. CDs. Letters. Recipes. Magazines. STUFF! Our consumer-driven society is constantly enticing us to want more, and before we know it--it's just too much! We collect things for someday--recipes we plan to bake, craft projects we want to make, or gifts we hope to give. And unfortunately, what begins as an innocent collection of odds and ends soon grows into heaping mounds of clutter and chaos. Before we realize it, clutter seeps in and sucks away our time, our peace of mind, and our freedom. And if we're not careful, our possessions end up owning us. Clutter mentally and physically sucks the life out of us and traps us in a life we were never meant to have. But there is hope. In Too Much Stuff, author Kathryn Porter challenges us to dig into the clutter of our homes and attack the attitudes and behaviors that allow this chaos to immobilize us. While giving practical steps on how to de-clutter our homes, she shows us how to de-clutter our hearts by realizing that God loves us through the messes we make and has a plan for us that doesn't involve being confined to clutter. Too Much Stuff includes: Reflection questions within each chapter to help you assess the extent of your clutter Room-by-room de-cluttering techniques and practical advice on how to keep a clutter free, beautiful home Homebuilding sections to remind you to seek God and His word as your foundation Prayer points in each chapter that help you focus on God throughout your de-cluttering journey An internal assessment for understanding how our childhoods and choices affect the way we deal with clutter and how to end the destructive cycle 168 pages.

Beacon Hill 2006